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Laser Alignments

With Bee Line Alignment equipment, we give you a Complete Alignment by measuring all aligment angles with the lastest technology. Some alignment shops still use string to measure alignments. Some use infrared sensors. We use lasers, which are much more accurate than string and infrared.


The bright red laser beams are highly visible and can visually shown us any tracking errors on your vehicle. Lasers provide us with the most accurate alignment readings on the market. While most systems only measure to one hundredth of an inch (.01), we use a system that measures alignment variables to one-thousandths of an inch (.001).


5 Good Reasons To Have Us Check Your Alignment

1. We can help extend your tire mileage.

2. We can help extend your fuel mileage.

3. Diagnose problems before they get out of hand and cost you more money.

4. Proper alignment requires trained technicians and accurate equipment.

5. "Peace of Mind" is an added bonus you get by having us check the alignment of your vehicle(s).


Wheel Alignment is a valuable service. We pride ourselves on our qualified technicians and our Bee Line Laser Computerized Alignment Equipment which allows us to keep your vehicle(s) operating safely and efficiently. Our reputation relies upon it!

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